Mail Scanning Service

This service is ideal for:

  • Travelers
  • RV'ers
  • Cruisers/Boaters
  • Those working abroad
  • Traveling Doctors/Nurses
  • Truckers
  • Fisherman
  • Those away from home for extended periods
  • Anyone who doesn't like paper mail

Every day we ask ourselves why we have so many amazing customers.  Our answer is that everyone who uses our service is some type of adventurer.  Live your adventure and let us take care of the small stuff!

Mail Scanning

Seeing the need for travelers and cruisers to have better

access to their mail, Dockside Solutions has created our

Mail Scanning Service.

 With this service, we will:

  •  Scan your mail for easy access online
  • Deposit paper checks into your bank account
  • Forward any needed packages/mail to you anywhere in the world
  •  And much more – tell us what you need

The process:

We will receive your mail at our location. Dockside Solutions will scan your first class envelopes into our file sharing site and you choose whether you would like us to: 

  • Open and scan the contents of the envelope  
  • Forward the envelope 
  • Shred
  • Hold for further instructions
  • Deposit checks